A classic summer piece.


This boxs shaped bag with ribbon closure can accompany you through your summer travels and it also makes any outfit effortlessy summery. 


Please note that this bag design by The Wicker Girls is handmade and weaved by local Balinese artisians and may vary in size and colour. This includes the batik interior lining of each bag. 


This bag is hand weaved with ATA grass, which is a type of vine that is native to Bali, Indonesia. After the bag is hand weaved, it will be dried under the sun, and then smoked over coconut husks to stregthen. As such, the smell of the rattan is part of this beautiful natural product, which will fade over time. This material is stronger than rattan, which ensures the longevity of our bags with proper care. 


You may wish to clean your bag with a damp cloth and allow it to air-dry overnight.


Backorders are available. Please expect a waiting time of 2 weeks once the backorders are closed because it takes time for the bag to be made from scratch! 

Callie Box Bag

Callie Rattan Box Bag: Light Brown Rattan
  • Details:
    Ribbon Closure

    Batik Lined

    Leather Straps



    Material: Ata Grass

    Color: Light Brown Rattan

  • We do not do exchanges or refunds currently.